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Hair Loss Solutions For Women

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Women visit Hair Technologies for an incredible variety of reasons. Some want their naturally dull or thin hair to have more body, fullness, and lift. Others are experiencing thinning, shedding, or hair loss. No matter what your reason is for visiting us, our goal is the same – to help you achieve the best-looking hair of your life.

Whatever the circumstances, thinning hair and hair loss are especially difficult for women. While we expect that plenty of changes will come with age, hair loss isn't usually one of them. At Hair Technologies, we'll give you the facts, answer your questions, and help you decide what will work best for you. There's no pressure. Our goal is to create comfortable, undetectable results in a private atmosphere that makes you look forward to coming back.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

untitledbenificial ResizedDon't forget to pamper your skin! Our scientifically developed line of comprehensive anti-aging formulas is vegan and animal-friendly, and won't cause damage.

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Club W

ClubW-logo-2Colors 50In some ways, you could say that Club W is better than the real thing. This company has used the most advanced synthetic hair technology to create beautiful, lifelike synthetic hair that's comfortable, durable, and heat resistant. It's a great option for women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia because there are no tapes or adhesives.

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Hair Technologies isn't just about hair loss. In our salon and our hair enhancement studio, we create great hairstyles that help women take their hair to the next level! High-quality hair extensions let you take your look beyond the limits of your natural hair. We have a variety of hair extension brands, styles, and techniques available to help us deliver the ultimate in versatility.

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Full-Service Salon

Keeping your hair looking great, whether it's all natural or enhanced, is easy at Hair Technologies. Every one of our skilled stylists receives regular ongoing education to keep delivering unique looks and the latest trends. Our hair enhancement studio is discreetly tucked away from the salon to provide the ultimate in privacy and comfort.

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Gemtress was designed to create great-looking, realistic hair restoration options especially for women. These cranial enhancements and prostheses mimic nature and are particularly effective in the case of medically related hair loss. Gemtress offers complete flexibility and designs that are comfortable, stylish, and intricately detailed with color and highlights. To create superior quality even on a budget, these premium hair replacement options are made by hand.

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Hair Integration

Hair Integration is an array of personalized non-surgical solutions in which new hair is added to your existing natural hair. With several techniques and options to choose from, the result is a fuller head of hair with immediate results. If your hair is thinning or if you just want to give your look some new life, hair integration provides a painless and customizable solution.

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Hair Loss Prevention Program

We have a few unique Hair Loss Prevention programs available at Hair Technologies. If you're ready to do something about your thinning hair and want to maintain the hair you have, a personalized hair loss prevention plan may be an option for you.

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HLCC Scripts

HLCC Scripts is a natural, herbal DHT blocker that provides an alternative to medical solutions like Propecia. It helps women of all ethnicities grow stronger, fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair. It also supports new growth with a complete blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutraceuticals – all without side effects.

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In-Home Laser Hair Therapy Programs

Our in-home laser options provide all the benefits of in-office laser therapy with the most convenient schedule in the world – your own. Consider adding at-home laser treatments to improve the results of topical solutions, or if you just can't make it into our office regularly.

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Minoxidil is one of the tried-and-true solutions to hair loss, and it produces particularly good results in women. Taking action early, at the beginning of hair loss or thinning, gives women the best chance to minimize shedding and maintain growing hair.

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Our expert stylists create personalized solutions for each client who wants to have fuller, more luxurious hair. The options are endless, and will give your hair increased body and more potential for styling.

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At Hair Technologies, we create natural-looking wigs that help women look and feel their best. Choose from a variety of options to match your own established style or make a bold new statement. We don't cut corners, and your comfort and confidence are our first priorities.

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