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Hair Integration

Hair Integration is an incredibly versatile suite of hair restoration procedures aimed at adding fullness, body, and coverage to existing hair. New hair is matched to the color and texture of your own natural hair, and then attached to your growing hair to supplement the hair you already have.

A non-surgical hair integration option can be completely customized to fit your unique needs. At Hair Technologies, we provide a wide variety of hair integration brands, products, and techniques, as well as world-class styling to make your hair look fantastic.

When it comes to hair integration, all the choices are yours!

Get exactly the style, color, and volume you want from our wide array of hair integration options.

You Choose what type – We offer the highest quality engineered materials and human-hair options, as well as budget-friendly fibers.
You Choose how much coverage – Integration is the perfect way to add just the right amount of body and fullness at any point in the hair loss or thinning process. For those with no hair loss at all, it provides an alternative to extensions.
You Choose how it's applied – Hair integrations feature clip-on, adhesive, perimeter-bonding, and tie-on options. Your hair restoration specialist will help you decide which is best for you.
You Choose how to maintain your hair – Match your hair to your lifestyle by picking a solution that stays in place for weeks, or one that can be removed and reapplied whenever you like.

A Comfortable Wig Alternative

All women experience hair loss differently. Since it's a personal experience that many women prefer to manage carefully, full-coverage wigs may or may not be the best choice. Hair Integration offers a flexible custom solution that can be tailored to fit your unique needs and desires. You won't have to make the decision on your own – your hair restoration specialist will help you weigh all of your options during your free consultation.

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