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About our hair loss treatment and products

Navigating the world of hair loss can feel overwhelming. From medicated topicals and shampoos to wigs and toppers, the array of options is vast. Understanding and helping clients find the best options for them requires the kind of expertise we offer at Hair Technologies in Uniontown, Ohio. We focus on providing the ideal balance between obtainable hair loss treatment, regrowth, and coverage for a natural appearance you’ll love.


…discover the best hair loss treatment products for you.

Bottles with droppers capping them lay on a wooden tray. Image used to illustrate the expertise of Hair Technologies in Uniontown, Ohio, in hair loss treatment products such as topical thickeners and other shampoos.
Woman with red, curly hair smiles. Image used by Uniontown, Ohio-based Hair Technologies to illustrate its capabilities with hair loss treatment products such as human hair and synthetic wigs, toppers, clips, extensions, shampoos and more.

Every Hair Technologies client and every hair loss situation is unique. At your FREE consultation, we will perform a scalp analysis to determine which hair loss, regrowth, or coverage products might work best for you. 

Why consult with us on hair loss treatment products?

In addition to accessing non-medical hair loss and regrowth treatments, consulting with us about the many products on the market today is crucial. Here’s why:

Wigs, Extensions, Clips, and Toppers for Men and women

Hair enhancements are a good solution for many people. Our role at Hair Technologies is to guide you through choices between wigs, extensions, clips, and toppers, ensuring the product your choose not only addresses hair loss effectively but also feels comfortable and suits your lifestyle. This personalized approach guarantees that whether you’re exploring hair clips for thin hair or deliberating between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, you’re making informed decisions that enhance your appearance and confidence. 

Topical Thickening & Hair Regrowth Products

As with all the proven and effective treatments and products available at Hair Technologies, our topical thickening, hair regrowth, and hair loss shampoo products are clinically tested, safe, and effective. HLCC Scripts, Fibers, and Pro Gen are among the premium-quality products we use to address thinning hair by creating thickness, volume, and fullness.

Free Consultation

Our mission is to help men and women, like you, begin the journey to hair restoration by taking the first step – a FREE consultation with our hair loss professionals. In your private consultation, we’ll carefully examine your scalp to determine the solutions right for you and then talk with you candidly about the most effective hair restoration solutions.

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