Hair loss is upsetting and distressing, but at Hair Technologies in Akron, OH, we have hair loss solutions which can offer hope. We see many clients who are seeking hair replacement or restoration, which we do successfully on a daily basis, but did you know that in some cases, we can offer hair regrowth solutions? It’s true, hair regrowth is an option for some, depending on the initial cause of the hair loss.

Hair needs a healthy environment, which means a healthy scalp and follicles, in which to grow. An unhealthy scalp or follicles can mean hair loss or thinning due to an impeded growth and resting cycle. Restoring a healthy scalp can result in renewed follicles and healthy hair growth. To discover if hair regrowth is a possible solution for you, we invite you to schedule your FREE consultation with us.

You, like each of our clients, is unique, and you have different hair restoration needs. At your FREE consultation, we will perform a scalp analysis to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss and which hair restoration procedures might work best for you. If your hair loss comes from an unhealthy scalp, you may be a candidate for hair regrowth.

We offer several proven hair regrowth treatments including trichological treatments, laser hair growth therapy, and topical thickening and hair regrowth products. Trichology falls in the field of dermatology which studies the health of the scalp and hair follicles and FDA-approved trichology-based scalp treatments often result in the restoration of follicles to healthy, natural hair growth. Laser hair growth therapy is another FDA-approved treatment which stimulates blood flow to hair follicles which may rejuvenate natural hair growth. We also offer the leading clinically tested and proven effective tropical thickening and hair regrowth products for our clients.

As with all our products and treatments, we understand that every client is unique and with that in mind, we provide personalized recommendations for your distinct hair restoration solution.

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Our mission is to help men and women, like you, begin the journey to hair restoration by taking the first step – a FREE consultation with our hair loss professionals. In your private consultation, we’ll carefully examine your scalp to determine the solutions right for you and then talk with you candidly about the most effective hair restoration solutions. Take the initial step, reach out to us today, and schedule your FREE consultation with Hair Technologies.


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  • To me, Laser Therapy has been a miracle. It's given me a lot of hope and really done so much for my hair. Thank you Hair Technologies!

    — Maria

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