Hair regrowth products and topical thickening products are perfect hair restoration solution. We offer the best in topical hair restoration products. Each of our hair regrowth and topical thickening products have been clinically tested and shown safe and effective for hair restoration.

Following your FREE consultation at Hair Technologies, our experts can provide some custom solutions for your hair loss, which often include topical thickening and hair regrowth products. These products may include a regimen of shampoo, conditioner, rinse, and more, tailored uniquely for you. They are all-natural, cleansing your scalp and unclogging your follicles, to help stimulate healthy hair growth.

Hair Fibers may be the ideal choice. This plant-based product bonds organically with your hair delivering desired volume and fullness. Clients love Hair Fibers because it provides instant results from organic, healthy ingredients.

HLCC Scripts is the perfect solution. It is a natural herbal DHT blocker which helps men and women grow stronger, healthier hair and supports new growth without the unpleasant side effects of prescription solutions.

The first step to finding your perfect hair restoration products, schedule your FREE consultation at Hair Technologies in Akron, OH.