Laser Hair Therapy, Hair Loss Solution for Men and Women.

Laser Hair Therapy

There's a safe, holistic method of stopping hair loss, thickening existing hair, and stimulating regrowth. Laser Hair Therapy can provide an alternative to topical solutions, surgery, or non-surgical enhancements, or it can build on the success of other methods to deliver even better results.

laser hair therapy akron ohio

Lots of men and women with thinning hair come to us looking for safe, holistic ways to prevent hair loss, thicken their existing hair, and stimulate regrowth. Laser Hair Therapy can be a painless, alternative. It can also be used to compound the success of other methods such as topical solutions and surgery to deliver even better results.

Lasers have been used in hair restoration for years, but the technology has been evolving and improving over the last two decades. John Phillips, the owner of Hair Technologies, was actually first to introduce the Laser Light Hair Therapy program to the Akron area. Improving our technology ever since, today, offer in-office treatments, as well as the at-home convenience of the portable Theradome Laser Cap.

Safe & Painless

The best thing about Laser Therapy is that it’s absolutely painless and has no side effects. Despite their potency for treatment, low-level lasers are cool to the touch and deliver healing light energy to the hair and scalp. These devices comply with FDA Laser Safety Standard and are FDA approved to grow hair. Some who start Laser Therapy right after their hair starts thinning find that it’s the only hair enhancement solution they need.

What can laser therapy do for you?

  • Stop the progression of thinning and hair loss
  • Improve scalp health and conditions like Psoriasis
  • Achieve more vibrant, longer lasting color
  • Repair thin, over-processed hair
  • Enhance shine and body
  • Improve spilt ends
  • Give you fuller, thicker hair

Laser Therapy & HLCC Scripts Complete

We often recommend low-level laser therapy to enhance the results of other hair-loss solutions. One combination that’s provided incredible results to our patients is HLCC Scripts Complete plus Laser Therapy. The herbal compounds in Complete block the harmful hormone that causes hair loss and deliver powerful nutrients to the scalp and hair. At the same time as stopping the effect of DHT, the growth-stimulating effects of Laser Therapy work with the nourishing properties of Complete to create the perfect catalyst for new and enhanced hair growth. Since HLCC Scripts Complete treatments are done at home, it’s easy and convenient to pair them with the Theradome Laser cap for improved results.

If your hair is thinning, your hair and scalp are thirsting for the necessary nutrients to grow and prosper. Find out whether laser therapy could restore your hair. Take control and schedule your free consultation at Hair Technologies today!

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  • To me, Laser Therapy has been a miracle. It's given me a lot of hope and really done so much for my hair. Thank you Hair Technologies!
    - Maria
  • At 56 years old the Laser Light has been a welcome addition to my personal health and appearance routine. The laser itself and weekly visits has seemed to arrest my hair loss problem. The growing bald spot has shrunk and…
    - Tom
  • I've been coming to Hair Technologies for 13 years. I had tried a couple of other places and hadn't been that satisfied with the results. Since I've been to Hair Technologies, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
    - Scott
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