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In-Home Laser Hair Therapy Programs for Men

Alone or combined with other solutions, Laser Therapy can create big results for men with pattern hair loss. However, we serve a broad geographic area, and some people can’t make it to our office regularly for treatments. If you’re one of them, or if you’d just like to have the option of doing your treatments at home, the Theradome Laser Cap might be for you. This advanced therapeutic device incorporates the latest developments in laser diode technology, as well as key findings from trichology, to deliver huge improvements. Like in-office laser treatments, Laser Cap can be used on its own to fight hair loss, or in conjunction with another method to get more dramatic results.

Mr. John Phillips, founder of Hair Technologies, was the first to introduce Laser Hair Therapy to Akron clients. Now, after years of improvement to both the technology and the equipment, Hair Technologies delivers the most flexible, diverse, and effective laser therapy options in the area. To offer complete convenience to clients across the broad area we serve, we’ve made it a priority to source a powerful and effective portable laser therapy device. Our pick of the many available choices is the Theradome Laser Cap.

A Convenient Solution

Our clients are busy, so we know that every hair restoration plan has to go beyond just being effective – it has to be realistic. Some people don’t live close by or can’t make it to recurring appointments, and we don’t believe that should eliminate any of their options for fighting hair loss.

If convenience and portability are important to you, we can connect you with the Theradome Laser Cap. It’s an affordable FDA approved low-level laser product that delivers the growth-stimulating results of in-office lasers, along with the privacy and convenience of an at-home solution. The 80 therapeutic laser diodes in this laser cap deliver cool laser light to the hair and scalp. This painless therapy promotes protein synthesis (hair growth!), increases the diameter of hair shafts, nourishes hair follicles, and combats the harmful effects of DHT.

In Home Laser Hair Therapy


Whether you choose in-office laser therapy or the Theradome Laser Cap, a combination approach can multiply your results. We often recommend using HLCC Scripts Complete in conjunction with laser therapy to deliver a one-two punch to hair loss. The natural herbal compounds in Complete block DHT, the hormone that bonds to hair follicles and eventually causes them to die. With DHT blocked, Complete delivers powerful nutrition to the scalp and hair, while the laser therapy improves blood flow and encourages growth.

If you’re ready to take action and eager to see results, schedule your free consultation. We’ll determine whether you’re a good candidate who could get big results from laser hair therapy.


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  • At 56 years old the Laser Light has been a welcome addition to my personal health and appearance routine. The laser itself and weekly visits has seemed to arrest my hair loss problem. The growing bald spot has shrunk and…
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