Hair Loss Prevention Program for Men by Hair Technologies

Hair Loss Prevention Program for Men

While all of our solutions are designed and selected to reduce hair loss or restore fullness, our intensive Hair Loss Prevention Program provides a unique option for some clients. This University-tested daily-use program controls hair loss by reducing shedding, improving the condition of the scalp, reinforcing existing hair, and stimulating new hair growth.

Our job at Hair Technologies is to deliver the latest and most advanced hair solutions to Akron and the surrounding region. Our mission is the same when it comes to solutions that help you keep your natural growing hair. Taking action early when you notice your hair thinning gives you the greatest number of options for restoring fullness and body. Whenever possible, we enjoy helping our clients reverse, prevent, or control their hair loss.

After 15 years of pharmaceutical research, we've finally introduced our Hair Loss Prevention Program to our clients. We've combined several proven hair revitalization methods into one ultra-effective program. Enhancing the natural hair growth process, this system improves scalp health, promotes greater thickness, and stimulates new growth. The end result is a safe, painless method of delaying hair loss and maximizing your own hair.

The results are in.

  • The percentage of actively growing hairs increased in 80% of patients.
  • Hair Follicles grew larger and hair shaft diameter increased in 100% of patients.
  • Nearly half of patients saw new hair development.
  • Our program delivers exceptional scalp penetration as compared with other topical solutions.

If you're ready to take action and want to improve your existing hair, call Hair Technologies today. We'll help you evaluate whether our Hair Loss Prevention Program is the right option for you.



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  • I was skeptical at first, but desperate to find something to help me and so far I have seen the results I was looking for at Hair Technologies.
    - Frank
  • I've been coming to Hair Technologies for 13 years. I had tried a couple of other places and hadn't been that satisfied with the results. Since I've been to Hair Technologies, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
    - Scott
  • At 56 years old the Laser Light has been a welcome addition to my personal health and appearance routine. The laser itself and weekly visits has seemed to arrest my hair loss problem. The growing bald spot has shrunk and…
    - Tom
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