HLCC Scripts Scalp Therapy Product for Hair Loss

HLCC Scripts for Men

HLCC™ Scripts Complete is a patented and clinically proven alternative to Propecia. Combining multiple DHT blockers with an enriching blend of vitamins and nutrients, HLCC Scripts is an herbal solution with no known side effects. It works by preventing the hormone DHT from bonding to hair follicles. The combination of HLCC Scripts and Laser Therapy can be especially effective at halting hair loss and stimulating growth.

Most hair loss experienced by men can be blamed on one thing – DHT. In androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, normal testosterone is converted to this harmful hormone that bonds to hair shafts, cutting off nutrition and killing hair follicles. One of the more effective ways to deal with hair loss is to block DHT so that it can't cause hair loss in the first place.

Beyond Blocking DHT

HLCC Scripts Complete provides a natural, herbal alternative to medical DHT blockers like Propecia. This proven line of hair enhancement products goes beyond just blocking DHT to enhance growth and reinforce both new and existing hair with essential vitamins and nutrients. It combines an array of natural compounds like stinging nettle, green tea, and saw palmetto berry extract to counter the effects of male pattern baldness.

Stop hair loss and keep growing!

HLCC Scripts Hair Growth ProductOne approach that's created great results for Hair Technologies clients is to combine HLCC Scripts Complete with a Laser Hair Therapy regimen. This provides powerful results with the ultimate in convenience. You can opt for in-office or at-home Laser Therapy for a flexible solution that works on your schedule.

This combined approach reduces the impact of DHT while ensuring that more vital nutrition is delivered to hair follicles. The result is better-looking hair at any stage of hair loss, and a reduction in thinning and shedding.


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  • At 56 years old the Laser Light has been a welcome addition to my personal health and appearance routine. The laser itself and weekly visits has seemed to arrest my hair loss problem. The growing bald spot has shrunk and…
    - Tom
  • I was skeptical at first, but desperate to find something to help me and so far I have seen the results I was looking for at Hair Technologies.
    - Frank
  • I've been coming to Hair Technologies for 13 years. I had tried a couple of other places and hadn't been that satisfied with the results. Since I've been to Hair Technologies, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
    - Scott
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