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In-Home Laser Hair Therapy Programs for Women

Take-home laser treatments give you all the benefits of in-office laser therapy with the most convenient schedule in the world – your own. The latest Theradome Laser Cap packs powerful therapeutic laser diodes into a discreet cap that’s affordable and can be used anywhere. Now you can keep up with laser hair treatments at home or even in the car. Just like in-office treatments, the Laser Cap fights thinning, promotes growth, and improves the results of topical solutions for women with certain types of hair loss.

We understand that our clients lead busy, sometimes hectic lives. It’s our job to make sure that the method we recommend to resolve your hair loss is realistic for you and your lifestyle. To make the benefits of laser hair therapy accessible to more of our female clients, we’ve scoured the market for a powerful, affordable portable laser therapy device that’s proven to get results. The winner, in our eyes, is the Laser Cap from Theradome.

Theradome Laser Cap

At Hair Technologies, we can connect you with several products that can be used conveniently within the privacy of your own home. These options make it easier to take an active role and fight hair loss on a daily basis. We chose the Theradome Laser Cap because its 80 powerful laser diodes provide great coverage, benefiting all your hair and your entire scalp simultaneously. This FDA approved in-home therapeutic device is a compact version of the large laser therapy equipment used in our office.

The Theradome Laser Cap emits cool low-level lasers that:

  • Improve delivery of nutrients to hair follicles
  • Stimulate growth
  • Resolve scalp conditions
  • Increase the thickness of hair shafts
  • Improve the condition of miniaturized hairs
  • Create a fuller appearance throughout the scalp

Cool and painless low-level lasers enhance hair growth by increasing circulation in the scalp, stopping the progression of hair loss, and stimulating new growth. They also reduce the impact of DHT for women with female pattern hair loss. The scalp and hair follicles respond to the laser light, causing new hair to grow. In addition to promoting hair growth, in-home products like the laser cap promote healing to reduce dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Is At-Home Laser Hair Therapy for you?

There are two keys to success with laser therapy: you have to be a good candidate; and the earlier you start, the better. If your thinning is being caused by female pattern hair loss or another condition that responds well to laser therapy, you might be a great candidate. The only way to know is to have a complete hair and scalp evaluation by a women’s hair-restoration specialist. So schedule yours now!


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  • I came to Hair Technologies because I had very fine, thin hair and now I feel like a different person. It's just been wonderful!
    - Laura
  • To me, Laser Therapy has been a miracle. It's given me a lot of hope and really done so much for my hair. Thank you Hair Technologies!
    - Maria
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