HLCC Scripts Hair Solution for Women

HLCC Scripts for Women

HLCC Scripts is a natural, herbal DHT blocker that provides an alternative to medical solutions like Propecia. It helps women of all ethnicities grow stronger, fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair. It also supports new growth with a complete blend of minerals, vitamins, and nutraceuticals – all without side effects.

For women, thinning hair and hair loss can be particularly difficult, but there is good news. Many causes of female hair loss are reversible. Finding out the underlying reason for your hair loss is the first and most important step toward stopping it. If female androgenetic alopecia is causing your hair to thin, HLCC Scripts Complete could be the answer you've been looking for.

Androgenetic Alopecia for Women

In androgenetic alopecia, the hair follicles become sensitive to hormones (called androgens) that are found naturally in our bodies. These androgens shorten the growing cycle of the hair follicles, causing hair to thin. The natural androgen-blocking compounds in HLCC Scripts Complete work against this hormonal process and allow hair to continue growing.

A Natural Alternative

HLCC Scripts Natural Hair Growth ProductHLCC Scripts provides an herbal DHT-blocking alternative to Propecia, a treatment for male pattern baldness that is not recommended for women. HLCC Scripts brings together saw palmetto berry extract, a proprietary phytosterol blend, pygeum bark, stinging nettle, green tea, and ho shu wu to block hair-loss causing hormones. It further improves hair by providing thickening vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals.

HLCC Scripts plus Laser Therapy

This product can help people of all ages and ethnicities grow thicker, fuller, and better-looking hair. To further improve results and stimulate growth of miniaturized hair, HLCC Scripts can be used in conjunction with in-office or at-home Laser Hair Therapy. The essential nutrients of Complete combine with the enhanced growth activated by laser light to deliver faster, fuller results throughout the scalp.


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  • I came to Hair Technologies because I had very fine, thin hair and now I feel like a different person. It's just been wonderful!
    - Laura
  • To me, Laser Therapy has been a miracle. It's given me a lot of hope and really done so much for my hair. Thank you Hair Technologies!
    - Maria
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