Hair Technologies isn't just about hair loss. In our hair salon and our hair enhancement studio, we create great hairstyles that help women take their hair to the next level! High-quality hair extensions and toppers let you take your look beyond the limits of your natural hair. We have a variety of hair extension and topper brands, styles, and techniques available to help us deliver the ultimate in versatility.

We are constantly testing and evaluating new products as soon as they hit the market. Our search for the best-looking, highest-quality extensions, toppers and attachment techniques never ends. No matter when you visit us, you can rest easy knowing your search is over. You simply won't find better hair extensions and toppers applied by more skilled and highly trained professional stylists anywhere else. At Hair Technologies, we make sure your hair extensions and toppers are secured and fit properly. We make sure our clients never have to worry about them coming “undone”.

Long hair is downright luxurious. Hair extensions and toppers can give you any length, volume, color, or highlights you can dream up, with or without the commitment. You can change them regularly or just wear them for a single special occasion.

Hair extensions and toppers are a way to get chemical free color and highlights, as well as instant volume and length. They blend in perfectly with your own hair to give the appearance of natural, healthy, growing hair. They're even designed to prevent matting and tangling.

Most girls dream of having long, soft, flowing hair, but the reality of growing your hair out (especially as an adult) is a pain. Even with all the patience in the world, some women simply can't grow long, beautiful locks. If you're one of them, you don't have to give up your long-hair hopes. Hair Technologies can give you instant gratification with undetectable results. All of our extensions and toppers are lightweight, and some are even made from individually handpicked strands of hair!